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Managers and supervisors are in many ways first responders to mental illness in the workplace. Depending on your training and experience – and your knowledge of mental illness – you can make a big difference between an early and constructive intervention which leads to recovery and uninterrupted productivity, or a downhill slide.

For individuals facing mental illness, a sympathetic workplace that reaches out is vital to their recovery. Research has proven that in your position as manager or supervisor, you are going to be the key role model. It takes work to know how to do it right. It seldom comes naturally, and it’s certainly not something that’s taught in school.

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  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Employee benefit programs offered by many employers. They are intended to help employees deal with personal challenges that might adversely impact their work, health and well being. EAPs might include short-term counseling and referral services for employees and members of their household. Check with your company or organization to see if it offers an EAP.
  • NAMI “IN OUR OWN VOICE” (IOOV): Information about our IOOV program.