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Has this happened to you? A co-worker, someone you really like, is having trouble on the job. Taking lots of unexplained breaks. Absent without a good reason. Looking worried, listless. You want to help but you really aren’t sure how. You’re afraid to ask. And then your co-worker leaves for good. And you wish there was something you could have done.

Or are you that co-worker? Having difficulty with emotional issues, feel yourself letting down, but afraid to ask for help, or share your problems, hoping against hope no one notices.

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The CEO Pledge


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Fact Sheet for Managers & Supervisors

An important fact sheet for all managers and supervisors.

Guide for Employees

Here's a guide for all employees interested in more information.

The CEO Pledge

The official CEOs Against Stigma CEO pledge.

Sample CEO Memo

Here's a sample memo that CEOs can use company-wide.

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  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Employee benefit programs offered by many employers. They are intended to help employees deal with personal challenges that might adversely impact their work, health and well being. EAPs might include short-term counseling and referral services for employees and members of their household. Check with your company or organization to see if it offers an EAP.
  • NAMI “IN OUR OWN VOICE” (IOOV): Information about our IOOV program.