Austen Riggs CEO campaigns for stigma-free workplace

Austen Riggs CEO campaigns for stigma-free workplace Business Briefs By Emily Edelman Friday, Apr 15 Trade and Commerce

Stockbridge — Austen Riggs Center Medical Director and CEO Andrew Gerber has signed the pledge to become one of the CEOs Against Stigma, taking his commitment to mental health for everyone another step further. By signing on to the campaign created by the state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Dr. Gerber has demonstrated that a stigma-free work environment for his 142 employees and their families is a priority.

CEOs Against Stigma partners with leaders across Massachusetts to implement top-down changes to create healthier, more productive workplaces where employees feel safe disclosing mental health conditions about themselves or family members. Mental health conditions affect one in five adults and are the number one cause of workplace disability.

CEOs Against Stigma is working to secure the commitment of 250 chief executives and to reach half a million employees. Any Massachusetts company with at least 50 employees can join. For more information, contact NAMI Berkshire County at (413) 443-1666 or

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