Groton Wellness CEO fights stigma in mental-health

Groton Wellness CEO fights stigma in mental-health

Nashoba Publishing, POSTED: 03/25/2016 07:36:19 AM EDT

By Chris Lisinski,

GROTON — Groton Wellness CEO Steve Lane declared his support Tuesday for a Massachusetts initiative combating stigmas surrounding mental health issues, making him the first such executive in the Nashoba Valley to do so, according to a press release.

Lane joined CEOs Against Stigma, which is run by the state’s chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The CEOs Against Stigma branch advocates for workplaces to be more open and inclusive about mental health, which the organization sees as a step toward better employee health and productivity.

“As the CEO of a unique wellness organization, with a mission to support physical, emotional and social well-being, it is a perfect fit for me to sign the CEO Against Stigma pledge,” Lane said in the release. “Our goal at Groton Wellness is to support all individuals struggling with mental conditions no matter where they are.”

Lane joins various other executives, most of whom work in healthcare or government, as well as Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in a pledge “to work tirelessly toward a stigma-free work environment,” according to the organization’s website.

Lane, who oversees 68 employees at his dental and medical practice, said in the release that he will foster more dialogue in Groton Wellness’s office and review the company’s health and welfare benefits.

“At least one out of every five adults in Massachusetts will experience a mental health condition this year,” said Laurie Martinelli, executive director of NAMI Massachusetts, in the release. “Even in the best workplaces, mental illness remains mostly a secret because of the stigma associated with it.”

Those interested can find more information on the NAMI Massachusetts website.

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